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A strong and diversified economy provides a high quality of life for the citizens of Jefferson County and the region. The purpose of the Economic Development Element is to provide goals and policies that promote economic development and also protect public health and safety, social services and environmental quality.

These are the goals relating to Economic Development in the Comp Plan:

  1. Make Jefferson County the best place to live, work, and conduct business by creating a diverse sustainable economy.

  2. Encourage programs aimed at providing apprenticeships, mentorships, education, job training and retraining, and skills enhancement that are responsive to the changing needs of local businesses and residents.

  3. Establish a Targeted Industry Program that promotes Jefferson County’s strengths, advantages, and potential in the following industries:
    • Health Care;                                                  • Agriculture/Aquaculture;
    Gerontology/Retirement;                                • High-Technology;
    • Marine Trades;                                               • Telecommunications;
    • Natural Resources;                                         • Value-added products;
    • Tourism (including Native, Cultural, and Agricultural); and
    • Local and Native Arts (including fine arts and crafts)

  4. Coordinate efforts with federal, state and accountable local economic development groups to promote a healthy and vibrant economic environment within Jefferson County.

  5. Provide regulatory incentives to encourage and facilitate economic opportunities within the County.

  6. Encourage and support economic development for rural and urban lands.

  7. Support human and social services necessary to encourage a strong local economy and a healthy community.

  8. Promote the development of tourist and tourist-related activities as a provider of employment and business opportunities in Jefferson County.

  9. Encourage economic development that sustains natural resources and open spaces, protects environmental quality and enhances Jefferson County’s overall quality of life.

  10. Provide, maintain and encourage phased infrastructure development that is adequate to attract and accommodate desired economic growth in areas of Jefferson County consistent with the requirements of the Growth Management Act.



Copy and paste the goal that stands to you the most. Why is it important to you?

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What do you consider to be an indicator of economic development?

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Topic: Changes?

What would you like to see changed or added to the Economic Development element goals? Why?

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Topic: How might we?

How might we implement any needed changes to the Economic Development element?

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