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Thanks for jumping on board to help shape the 2018 periodic update of the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan! Starting in summer 2016, the Department of Community Development held  outreach meetings asking Jeffersonians what was great about the county, how well the current Comprehensive Plan works, and suggest changes for the next 20-year update. We received a lot of feedback--not only from those of you active on SpeakUp, but also from those attending meetings, writing letters, filling out surveys, or hosting your own meetings with homeowner's associations or special interest groups such as the Food Policy Council. See photos from the meetings in this slideshow!

This is what we've heard.
We've read through the comments and documented what you said. Read about what folks are saying in the Public Comments and Feedback report. The extensive list of comments are available in the appendices

Thanks for inspiring us! Your feedback shows that Jeffersonians care deeply about enhancing the quality of life here, promoting a vibrant economy, sound communities, and a healthy environment. We want to hear about the outreach experience, but remember that outreach is ongoing through June 2018 when the Board of County Commissioners will deliberate the plan's approval. 

What's next? Take a look at the briefing materials memo on the Periodic Update Requirements, Guiding Principles, and current work tasks. Over the next few months, the county will be working with special groups and other jurisdictions to evaluate the current Comprehensive Plan Goals and Policies. Stay tuned for more SpeakUp discussions and forums about the work we will be doing in the next few months. If you sign up for SpeakUp, you will be invited when there is new content such as a discussion or forum.

Topic: How might we?

How might we leverage other ways, besides SpeakUp, to involve people in the Comprehensive Plan Update that are efficient and connect subject matter experts and interested parties to the correct topic?

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